Comiket no.86 Information

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Comiket no.86 Information

Place: Arita・Tokyo Kokusai Tenjijo (Tokyo Big Sight/Arita Rinkai Fukutoshin)
Date:August 15th, 2014(Fri)~17th(Sun)
Some information about Comiket

Comiket is the biggest doujinshi event in the world.
It is expected that 59k people attend to this event.
There will be more than 3500 exhibitors.
Here will provide all information to go to this event.
You can’t loose this opportunity.

Comiket no.86 Schedule | C86


August 15th, 2014(Fri)~17th(Sun)
Held at Tokyo Kokusai Tenjijo (Tokyo Big Sight)


Comiket is celebrated 2 times a year on August and December.
In Japan summer is really humid and hot.

Some days Japan reaches 40 degrees! So don’t forget to use sun protection, a hat and comfortable clothes.

Last summer in Japan a lot of people suffered heat stroke.
Take care of your condition and drink water!
In this season we have many rainy days so we recommend to get a rain wear.

How to get to Comiket

Comiket is celebrated in Tokyo Kokusai Tenjijo.
Tokyo transportation is convenient and signs are supported in many languages so it’s difficult to get lost here.
I would like to recommend you some routes to go to Kokusai Tenjijo.

By JR Train

Shimbashi Yurikamome Station

First, get your SUICA.
You can buy it at any station.

Go to Shinbashi st. by JR Yamanote Line and there change train to Yurikamome line.
You can get good views from Yurikamome train.
Prepare your camera because you can take good pictures of Tokyo Bay from this train.

Yurikamome website : support)

(Multilanguage support website)
You will spend around 20min from Shimbashi st. to Kokusai Tenjijo.

When you arrive to Kokusai Tenjijo just follow people.
Anyway there are a lot of signs so you won’t get lost.

Big Sight architecture is unique so we recommend to take some pictures of it.
Japanese are kind and friendly people so if you ask to take a picture they will do.

By bus


You can get to Comiket by bus from Tokyo st. for only 210 yen.
It spends around 15 min to get our destination.

The bus stop is difficult to find so if you are able to find it you’ll become a “Comiket Master” XD.

Bus stop is located in Tokyo st. Yaesu exit.
Don’t forget to take a look to the map!


Cars are not allowed close to the place where this event is celebrated.
There is not parking close to the event so we recommend to choose other transportation.
(Park in the road near the event is also prohibited)

Waiting time

Arrive time Entry time Waiting time
First train 10am – 10:30am (5 hours waiting)
10am 11am – 11:30am (1 hour waiting)
12 pm 12 pm (No waiting time)

Comiket rules


Comiket is a free entrance event but it is also a limited space for other things so we would like to give you some points to consider before enter to Comiket.

What should I set before go to Comiket?

In Tokyo you can find convience store at any place but close to Comiket you won’t find it.
It is because no so much people live around this area.
So, you should prepare before go to the event.


  • Money(Small change, coins, 1000 yen・1000 bill)
  • Tea, water, energy drink(There is no so many place where buy drinks inside the event)
  • Snacks
  • Sneaker
  • Eco bag
  • Hat
  • Rain Wear

We recommend to bring 1000 yen bill with you, so you will avoid any problems at pay articles, food, etc there.
We also recommend to prepare some food before go to the event because it can become difficult to get some food at Comiket.
In my case I recommend to get high calory Pan so you can get full energy for all day.
It‘s possible you get a lot of weight at the end of day!
Don‘t forget to bring your rain wear in case of rain (don´t forget to check weather forecast before go out home)

Have a good attitude at the place

She is Yukikaze Teitoku. Lucky Destroyer

We understand that you want to get a lot of things and maybe you will feel frustrated because there will be a lot of people doing line at any place but try to stay calm and remember that you are not alone there.

It is prohibited to run inside the building.

Almost exhibitors will be Japanese.
I think we need more knowledge about English but if you use easy English they will understand you.
Important thing is “heart”.

Schedule and Genre

Comiket is celebrated during 3 days and every day has its own topic so don´t forget to check before go.
If you go and you don´t like it try to enjoy watching exhibitors that fit to you.
Actually, you can check all exhibitors information online so don´t forget to check it.

Individual Booth schedule

Opening time: From 10am to 4pm

There are many booths where people are lineing and others where not but try to keep manners.
For example C86 circle receive around 3500 people in 3days.

So you should to think this before go:

What´s your favourite genre?
Are you influenced by fashion and popular stuff?
Let´s do it right.

If you have already decided what kind of genre you like, you should check the catalog so it will be easy to find the exhibitors when you arrive.

Company booth schedule

Opening time : From 10am to 5pm (Last day it will be to 4pm)

There are company booths where original goods are sold.
If you want to get them remember that you will need to line for a long long time. So be pacient.

And don´t forget to check companies SNS because all information will be post there.

Of course you will also have fun if you check all booths

Cosplay ・ Shooting Rules

Puella magi holly quinted xD

If you want to do cosplay

Available Time : From 10am to 4pm (Last day it will be to 3pm)

You need to register to do cosplay at the event.
You can register in the entrance of male/female changing rooms. It will cost 800 yen so don´t forget it.
。 There are a lot of rules.
You can´t do free cosplay. In Japan there are rules about it, and if you are not careful you can have problems with police, so we recommend to bring clothes to Comiket and change here.

・Enjoy cosplay on SNS

There is a cosplay community and maybe you will be interested in join it.
You will need this information.

・Post your picture and profile
・Support information (fb, twitter, blog..etc)
・Pictures from photographers..etc.
※We can put your affiliate banner in our site

If you want to take cosplay pictures

If you have a good camera you should take pictures in this event. If you take normal pictures there won´t be problems.
But remember there are rules that you must follow.

・Talk with cosplayer before take a picture. It´s the best way to take best pictures. And remember that you need cosplayer permission to put cosplayer pictures on internet.
・Low angle pictures are prohibited
Cosplayers hate “photographers” that take pictures without say nothing or take low angle pictures.


Thank you for reading until here.
If there is anything you don´t understand feel free to mail us.
We want to support you to have the best experience in Comiket.
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