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Comic Market, known as Comiket, is the biggest doujinshi event in the world.
In its latest event, Comiket 84, 59.000 people attended to this event in 3 days.
In this page we will show you how to join to this event and some rules about it.
Please come and enjoy!

Comic Market Website :

1.Comic Market 85 Schedule Date

Schedule: 29th (Sunday)– 31th (Tuesday) December 2013

Tokyo Big Sight


Comiket is celebrated in August and December.
Japan has a special climate which makes the cold of winter and the hot of summer a tough thing.

In summer it´s better to use shirt or t-shirt.
In winter you´ll prefer to use coat, downjacket…etc.

But in Comiket things are differents because this event is close to the sea.
You should prepare well because sometimes your body weight could decrease until 5kg!
If it rains, don’t forget you umbrella!

2. Transportation to Comiket

Comiket is hold in Kokusaitenjijou seimonmae St.
There are multilingual signs in Tokyo transportation so it mustn´t be difficult to reach here.
We will show you how to get to Kokusaitenjijou seimonmae St from the most famous stations.

■From Tokyo or Nippori

First, get your Suica (This is the link for SUICA explanation)
You can get it in ticket-vending machine in stations
It is better if you select a non crowded station.

Take JR Yamanote line to Shinbashi direction.
Change train in Shinbashi to Yurikamome Line.
In Yurikamome Line you´ll have great views so it would be a good idea to prepare your camera.

Yurikamome website : support)

Yurikamome Line will get you to Kokusaitenjijou in aprox. 20 min.
When you arrive to Kokusaitenjijou just follow the line of people and enjoy!

Big Sight has particular buildings so don´t forget to take pictures.
Japanese are nice people so if you ask before there won´t be problems to take them pictures.


Cars are not allowed in this area.
Be careful because there is not so many parkings around this event and the closest one is in Odaiba
(You can´t even park in the street. You may will have to pay a penalty)

■Waiting time

This is information about average waiting time.

Depending of your physical condition select a specific departure time.

This is a estimate time from you arrive to the place unti you enter in the event.

Arrive time Entry time Waiting time
First train 10am – 10:30am (5 hours waiting)
10am 11am – 11:30am (1 hour waiting)
12 pm 12 pm (No waiting time)

3.Comiket rules

Comiket is a free event but there is a know-how list to have a good time in this event.

■Something that you need to prepare beforehand

In Tokyo there are convenient store anywhere so there’s no problem when you want to get something.

But in Comiket this is different: The event is celebrated in a small area that can hold aprox. 59.000 people so there’s no space for a convenient store. It would be a good idea if you prepare before you go to the event.


  • Cash
  • Lunch (obento)
  • Hot drink(TEA)
  • Snack
  • Sneaker
  • EcoBag
  • Hat
  • Rain Wear

It would be a good idea to have 1000 yen cash in case you need it.
It can be a mess to get lunch in this place so we recommend to bring your favourite lunch from your house.
This is a particular recommendation but it’s better if you eat any high calory food as sweet bun.
You should prepare well because sometimes your body weight could decrease until 5kg!
If it rains, don’t forget you umbrella!

■Attitude in Comiket

We understand that you want to attend to this event with boots. But if you don’t have conscience any accident can happen.

It is prohibited to run in the event。Let’s learn how to be ZEN.

Circle participans are usually Japanese.
In Japan students must to study English so if you use easy english they will understand you.
Heart is the important thing

4.Schedule and category

Comiket will held a different category and theme every day.
It is announced 3 weeks before opening event so check and fix your schedule!
There are many cases that the situation become disastrous results if you decide a different category, so please decide the category you want to join to.
Lately there is a service to check seller list from browser, so if you are looking for any special author please take a look.

Web Catalog :

5.Cosplay, Shooting rules

■If you want to do cosplay

Registration is necessary to do cosplay.
For registration please go to men and women dressing room entrance (Map Link)。Before that, you must to pay 800 yen.
Attendance with cosplay is prohibited. In Japan, if you go on street with cosplay, policewill stop you, so please change your clothes inside Comiket.

■Cosplay SNS use

By taking advantage of the Comiket cosplay community, cosplay life in your Comiket will be more effective.

General Functions

  • Appearance profile picture.
  • Support information
  • Take pictures from photographer.
  • etc

Comike Cosplay Community :

■If you want to take pictures of cosplay

If you have a good camera there won’t problem at taking cosplay pictures.
There is no problem if you talk naturally and you make an explanation to the cosplayer.
But you must follow the rules.

If you want to take a picture, first ask to the cosplayer. If you do that, communication will start and your picture will be more attractive.
In case you are a website administrator and you wanna upload picture, please ask for his/her permission.

Low angle pictures are prohibited
Cosplayer hates that kind of action so please refrain to do it!

6.To finish

Thank you for read until here.
We want to give you the best support so if you still have any questions, contact with us by mail.
Don’t forget to give us a “Like” in our Facebook Page!