Guide of Akihabara Area

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What´s Akihabara?

I´m sure that all of you know that Akihabara is a place full of otaku.
When you come to Japan, you usually arrange your schedule to visit this place, don´t you?
It used to be a famous place because it was full of places where electronic devices and hardware were sold.

After that, it became a place where you could buy DVD and home electric appliances in big shops or train and plastic model shops.
Otaku culture received a lot of criticism and contempt in the past but because foreign people positive ratings, actually “being otaku” has become a usual thing.
In Tokyo, this place is located in Akihabara.
Akihabara has been transformed in a symbol of otaku culture.
It has become a special places where otaku can find anything and Japanese can enjoy otaku culture and share their interests with people from around the world.
What kind of things do you like?
Anime? Manga? Game? Figure? Cosplay? You can find all these things here.
Come and enjoy in Akihabara.

Yodobashi Camera

It was opened in 2005 and it has become the most popular place to get electronic articles in Akihabara.
It is located in from of Akihabara st. and it has a plenty catalog of articles.
There are also English speakers working here so if you are looking for Japanese electronic articles you should go there.
You can also find a game, figure, plastic model floor there and OTAKUTOUR recommend to go to “Fugetsu” a delicious Okonomiyaki restaurant.

Maid Cafe

Maid Café concept started in Akihabara in 2001.
It is really unusual to see in other places. Even for Japanese is a rare thing.
If you come to Akihabara, don´t go to a normal café, just give a try to maid café.
Waitress wear french-maid clothes but it fun to hospitality finish becoming the maid. Depending of the restaurant there are one where they wear cat-ear, they sing on the stage or you can take a picture with them.
Maid costume looks like cosplay so Japanese girls put it and have fun playing “Maid-san” role.
Lately there a plenty of these restaurants and Japanese and foreigners enjoy looking for new ones. If you know other one please tell us.

Cure Maid Cafe

In Japanese Wikipedia it is written that this Maid Café was the original one.
They use traditional maid clothes, they are not customizedto made it looks more “otaku”, they even don´t serve Omelette Rice with character made by ketchup. They don´t offer any entertainment at a stage.
Recently maid café are not so popular but I was exhausted. It is a good place if you want to rest and take some tea. When we went, they had a “Lupin 3rd. Caliostro Castle” special menu.




Japanese love curry! In Akihabara you´ll find a lot of curry restaurants but we recommend this one! There are 2 only in Akihabara.
As you can see in the picture, they offer a Major curry in a big size! If you can eat a lot you should try.

Mos Burguer

It´s a Japanese hamburguer company. If you love hamburguer we recommend it. All hamburguers use Japanese products and vegetables, it is not for vegetarian but it is for people who like to eat healthy.

Mansei(Mansei Katsu sandwich)

It is a sandwich restaurant that you will find close to Akihabara south exit in the first floor. If there is a good day, we recommend to use its take out service.

Jangara Ramen

Japanese love ramen and here you can try famous Kyuushu ramen “Tonkotsu taste” ramen. There is other shop in Harajuku.

Working Hours

OPEN 10:30 CLOSE 23:30

Yaro Ramen

In Japan you can try other ramen instead Tonkotsu taste but we recommend this place to people who love to eat a lot. It has a strong taste but it is not healthy at all!

Working Hours

OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 22:00

Ramen Musashi

Famous restaurant to eat tsukemen. Tsukemen is different style to eat ramen mixing japanese soba and soup. Noodles are served cold so it is a popular plate specially in summer.

Menu Recomendation

Ramen 770yen
Tsukemen 770yen

Working Hours

Depends of the restaurant
Akihabara Restaurant 11:00-22:00


There is a lot of gyudon chain like Yoshinoya or Matsuya, (bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi ) but this one was recently opened in Akihabara. But it´s not only with beef but daikon, egg and tofu!

Family Restaurant

It´s like a chain restaurant fast food.
All menu has picture so it´s really easy to order.

  • Royal Host Akihabara
  • Denny´s Akihabara
  • Denny´s Akihabara Central Exit

Dennys got a popular pancake menu.
It has already a Pokemon Pancake for kids.

  • COCO’S Akihabara
  • Saizeriya Akihabara Chuodori restaurant (Italian food)
  • Saizeriya Atre Akihabara 2nd restaurant(Italian food)


Typical Japanese food. Let’s go to eat sushi!
In the first floor of Yodobashi Camera you will find a good restaurant called “Tsukiji Kiyomura Sushizanmai” and because there are a lot of travellers in this area language won’t be a problem here.
Ueno is one station from Akihabara and there a lot of sushi restaurants.
Here you are a list of delicious places to eat sushi.

Soba (stand-up meal)

In Japan there is a lot of soba restaurant chain
This kind of restaurants are made for Japanese so you may get surprised if you go to eat here.
You can learn how to order or eat it.

Travellers Dining Push up

This is a nice restaurant in Akihabara.
The owner of this restaurant loves to travel. He will be happy to receive you in his place.

Gundam Cafe

If you are a Gundam fan this is a must-go place!
There are sweets like a rollcake with Halo design. At night, menu change and they serve even alcohol serving special Gundam cocktails.
※Food presentation is cool but the taste is not so special.

Gundam Bar

It’s not an official bar, it is only a bar who use Gundam as its theme.


Do you like anime songs (anisongs)? There are a lot of private rooms, some of theme with Evangelion decoration or others where you can put cosplay while you sing but the system is kind of difficult so we recommend to go with a Japanese or Japanese speaker.
If you need any help, we can go with you!

Game Center

There is a lot of Game Center in Akihabara. There are competition games, UFO captcha and you can even take “purikura”!
You will find specially Sega Game Center

Sega Game Center

A game center that can be found in multiple places in Tokyo.
If you are good at gaming you must come and play with other players!
Sega Akihabara 1st building (Club Sega Akihabara):1-10-9 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Akihabara GiGo:1-15-1 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Club Sega Akihabara New Building: Soto-Kanda 1-chome Building Sotokanda 1-11-11 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sega Akihabara:1-15-9 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

TAITO Game Center Hey

This is a game center full of crane games.
You should try to play here because there is a lot of games and you can get a lot of prizes!
4-2-2 Takami buildings Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Leisure Land

It is a good-establish popular place
It’s cool!


There is no dude that you will find a lot of comics in Akihabara.
You will find stores like Mandarake o Tora no Ana that sell items for otaku fans that usually you cannot find in other stores. You can buy even Dojinshis.


This is a used comic store where you find a lot of rear articles.
Try to search one of your most desired manga, figure, music or cd/dvd here.

Working Hours

OPEN 12:00 CLOSE 20:00

Tora no Ana

Akihabara A、B、C
This store has a huge stock of items from magazines to doujinshis.
It looks like a book forest!

Working Hours

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 22:00

Book Off

This is a used book store. There is a corner where all books cost 100 yen, you can buy manga at the best price.

Working Hours

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 23:00

Figures and other hobby shops

In Akihabara even if you are there with no objective you will find a lot of shops which sell figures, plastic models, military figures and so on. Here you are some recommendations:

Tam Tam Akihabara

5F Railroad models/Mini car
4F RC/Plastic models/Military/Machines
This is the best place if you like military plastic models!
Shop is really big so you take your time to find what are you looking for.

Working Hours

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 21:00


There are a lot of used figures.
But some times they also sell new items.
There are 13 shops in Akihabara
Figure/Plastic Model/Superalloy/Garage Kit/Doll/Candy Capsule Toy /Minicars/Railroad models
TV・mobile games/PC games/DVD/Music CD/

Collectors Mart Akihabara

A shop where people exhibit their items to be sold
If you are looking for any special goods you should go, maybe you will find here!


If you like Japanese idols, you should visit Akihabara because it is full of these shops. Here you are a list of them:


It is a bar which staff are pre-idols.
You can take a picture (Cheki) with them.

Working Hours

weekday/OPEN 18:00 CLOSE 20:00
Saturday,horiday/OPEN 17:00 CLOSE 22:50

Hello! Project! Official Shop

You can see staff with costumes here.

Working Hours

weekday/OPEN 12:00 CLOSE 20:00
Saturday,horiday/OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 20:00

Backstage pass

It´s the shop created by Tsunku, Hello! Project! Producer.
Here you will see a lot of girls who want to become an idol!

Working Hours

OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 23:00

AKB48 Theater

We recommend this place if you like AKB48.

Working Hours

weekday/OPEN 17:00 CLOSE 21:00
Saturday,horiday/OPEN 12:00 CLOSE 20:00


We recommend it if you like AKB48.