Guide of Ikebukuro Area

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What’s Ikebukuro?

If you are an otaku lady maybe you have heard about Ikebukuro.

Animate shop put a lot of goods for woman that make woman clients increase in this area. This is the reason because Ikebukuro otaku area is known as “Otome Road”.

Ikebukuro otaku area is focus on doujinshis, cosplay, fujoshi culture and so on.
We would like to introduce you this area.
Take a look to this information!
In Ikebukuro there is not only dojinshi’s anime shop but also anime goods. In Animate stores you will find manga, dojinshis, anime goods, cosplay, anime x café collab and so on.

Animate Ikebukuro Bldg

In Anime Ikebukuro bldg. you’ll find manga, doujinshis and anime goods. In the first floor you’ll find anime related sweets that will help you in case you’re looking for any Japanese present. Other floors are separated by topic: shonen manga, seinen manga and floor for woman (yaoi..etc).
There are a lot of anime goods like figure, t-shirt, toys, cushion, etc. There is also a limited ed. Goods floor.

Animate Costume Bldg

Let's COSPLAY!!!

Wig, clothes, make up and so on, you will find all you need for your cosplay at Animate costume bldg. You can also try some make up.
In 6th and 7th floor there is also a anime realted café where you can try food from your favourite anime series. When you order a menu you can also get some anime goods that only can be found here!

Ikebukuro Dojinshi shop recommendation

Ikebukuro Dojinshi shop

K-BOOKS doujinshi store, mandarake, tora no ana, ranshinban, meikido, stella worth.
※Usually you can find old & new articles in these stores.
※If you are looking for new one, we recommend “K-Books” or “Tora no Ana”.

★Are you looking for a shop with a lot of items and a place where you can find all easily?
We recommend to visit K-Books bldg..

★Looking for bargains?
Better go to Mandarake, Rashinban or Meikido.

★Are you looking for a place with a lot of stuff?
Take a look at Tora no Ana Ikebukuro shop

★Looking for not famous genre?
Stella Worth

Doujinshi market prices

Used doujinshis usually cost 210 yenes but sometimes you can find some expensives one from 630 yens. If it’s famous or premium ver. It will reach from 1,000 yen to more than 10,000 yen.

Points to check when you are looking for used doujinshis

1. Check reprinted book
It is good to buy cheaper doujinshi but we recommend to buy a little thick doujinshi because in 1 book you will find a collection of doujinshis.
Famous reprinted books are sold out easily so if you found some genre that you like, buy it immediately because it is possible that next time you go to buy it, it can be sold out.

2. Difference between novel and manga doujinshi
Used doujinshi usually is inside a vinil bag. Usually when you buy it you can find that you bought a novel doujinshi.
We will show you how to know if it’s a novel or manga.
Novel doujinshi has a white cut off part in the cover or a sequence pattern and manga has a cut off pattern. Novel ha a A5 format but manga is usually in A4 format.

3. Let’s use tote bag for a
Doujinshis are so slim and when you have a lot of stuff in your bag it can be a trouble to carry them. So we recommend to use Tote Bag. It is really convenient to carry books and doujinshis.

Unlike anime, fujoshi is not a popular genre because there are woman who dislike BL. Sometimes you can find open people but it is extremely rare. So we recommend to buy a Tote bag so you can keep your doujinshis or fujoshi from other people eyes and it will be useful for you.

P’PARCO & Evangelion Official Store

P'PARCO & Evangelion Official Store

Evangelion Official Store was moved from Harajuku to Ikebukuro. It was moved to “P’PARCO” which belongs to Parco, a comercial facility that leads culture from Tokyo to all Japan. Here you will find a “Niko Niko Douga” floor, anime shops” and a full of entertainment focus on otaku public.


Take a look to the most famous anime between girls “Free!” shop and its related items from “B★POINT”


Here you´ll find the first Evangelion Store and its goods which was moved from Harajuku to Ikebukuro.

3F Rejet shop

Rejet Shop, the famous “otome-game” specialist shop, has a mini shop here called “Anime Shop Myuu” full of goods from Haikyuu, Yowamushi Pedal, Shingeki no Kyojin and so on.
As it´s described above, it has a good combination of specialists and diversity in.
We are looking forward to know “What´s next” and what it has to offer Ikebukuro to anime culture and its fans.

Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Hyoutei no Atobe

In the opposite side of Animate Costume bldg., you’ll find Ikebukuro Sunshine City. In Sunshine you have a lot of buildings, places and street shops.
Inside this building there is Theme Park Nanjatown, an aquarium, a planetarium and so on.
In Nanjatown there are anime collab events.
※When anime events are scheduled it is usually crowded so we recommend to go earlier than shop opening.
Inside Nanjatown there is a game corner(Red Salon)where you have anime collab, purikura, etc.
It will be a good souvenir as commemorative photo.
There is also a food corner where you can eat sweets, gyoza and anime collab menu!
In the entrance of Sunshine City there is a public space where you can rest having a coffee.



Pokemon Center was moved from Shimbashi to Ikebukuro!
When you enter in the building you’ll find two statues of Lizardon and Pikachu.
You can also take pictures with Mega Lizardon X , MegaMyuuTwoY and Lucario!
You will be happy to know that you can get Pokemon goods like Figure or Nuigurumi here!



It is a Manga amusement park. You can enjoy watching manga scenes and having interactions with them.
There is a lot of manga menu in food court! You can also eat food that appears in your favourite manga!
There are also a anime goods souvenir corner. Get your favourite character goods ^^.
Entrance fee: Adult (Up to high school students) 1300 yen、kids(from 4 yeas to secondary school students)1000 yen

Popular manga exhibition
There are exhibitions from popular series as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Saint Seiya, Kuroko no Basket, Kintama, Haikyuu or Prince of Tennis.


Nanjatown Event

Other amusement park in Sunshine City. There is a lot of attractions and anime collab events so don’t forget to check it when you come here.
When we came here there was a Otomedia and Hozukino Reitetsu events.
There is a lot of attractions so you can spend all day here.
Entrance fee: Adult (Up to high secundary students) 3000yen、kids(from 4 yeas to secondary school students)2400 yen
※With this plan you can enjoy in all atractions.

Food Court

At food court you can enjoy eating anime collab menu, gyoza and desserts!

Gyoza side street
You can enjoy trying a lot of differents types of gyoza. Sometimes there are anime collab gyoza menu!

As dessert we recommend Lucky Bag Dessert side street
Here you can try dessert with a special decoration (aka DekoDessert) like animal-shape-ice cream. We recommend to come here!

You can also buy goods and souvenirs in Nanjatown.



Sunshine City

In the B1 floor of Sunshine you can find a food court where you can eat curry, udon, tempura, tonkatsu, etc at a good price. You can also buy something and eat while you’re walking.
We recommend a dessert called “Mother’s crepe”! It has lime, fruits and other toppings.


Ikebukuro is knows as Ramen battleground area, a place where you can eat different types of ramen.

It’s a restaurant where you can eat salty ramen. It’s lightly salty so even women can eat it.
It is close to Sunshine city so you can go there easily. You can listen idol song while you eat here.

Niwatori no Ana
It is Chicken soup ramen. Chicken stock is used in this ramen so it looks like you are eating a whole chicken. You will love it!

Ramen Jiro
You must to be careful when you make a order in this place! It is famous because the size of their plates so the first time you come please don’t forget to order “small size ramen”!!
You must to try it.


Curry ha Nomimono
Here you can eat Japanese curry. You can add a lot of toppings so give a try! We recommend you.

Go!Go! Curry Ikebukuro
We introduced you when we talked about Akihabara. If you want to know more about this restaurant, take a look here Our recommendation is Champions Curry plate.


廻し寿司大漁 (Mawashi sushi Tairyo)
You can enjoy eating sushi from 125 yen/plate. You’ll have a lot of sushi moving in circles in front of your eyes. If you like any sushi but you can’t find, you can order to the staff.
If you go to a normal sushi bar you’ll find expensive prices but here, in kaiten sushi bar you’ll find great and cheaper prices! If it’s difficult for you to order to the staff, just say “Omakase de Onegai shimasu” which means “it’s up to you”.
Don’t forget to try this place when you come!

If you want to try good tea you can try butler café…

Butler cafe Swallowtail

It is a café managed by doushinji shop K-books. You can rest here enjoying of a lovable and delicious drink.
You need to make a reservation so if you want to go contact with us by email.