Guide of Nakano Area

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What’s Nakano?

When you think about an Otaku área in Tokyo you automatically think in Akihabara. But there are other areas focus on this culture (otaku culture) like Ikebukuro or Nakano.

Both Akihabara and Ikebukuro have shops but in Nakano there is also a mall shop called Nakano Broadway.
Between Nakano Station and Nakano Broadway there is an area full of singular shops.

Close to this place you will find a lot of ramen restaurants, izakaya (japanese-style bar) and other places to eat and drink. There are not so much as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro or Shibuya but they have a retro-look atmosphere.
It takes 30 min. from Akihara in JR Chuo Sobu Line. You can also go on JR Chuo Line or Tokyo Metro.

Nakano Broadway

In this place there are 350 shops, and you will find similar places to Akihabara like manga, anime, games, man & woman idols, doujinshis, electronic products, military products, car, movies and other detailed category shops. Nakano Broadway was established in 1966 and even now, there are a lot of shops that has continued its business until our days. You will also find a lot of used and special articles.


It was established to open a otaku shop in Nakano Broadway.
You will be surprised to find more than 15 categorized Mandarake Shops in here. only )


It is a shop specialized in otaku goods with a lot of shops throughout Japan
Working Hours: 11:00~20:00 (japanese only)

TACO che

This shop started as a Comic, art and literature, subculture, music, interpretation, movies and other genres self-publication but now they also sell limited books, out of stock and so on.

Murakami Takashi Produces has a cafe, general store and Gallery Space.

It is a shop related to otaku culture and deep art. only)

Game Center ADORES

You find this game center in the first floor. It is a big place and it´s full of retro games. only)

Nakano TRF

It is a small space focus of 2D games and it is a famous place in game center world. Here you will find a lot of people who enjoy playing games everyday. They also run a lot of game events. only)

Nakano Sunplaza

This place run a big amount of idol events like Hello! Project!
Here you will find goods from your favourite idols. only)

Hayashiya Nakanosou

Foreign food that was adapted to Japan taste. Here you can eat hayashi rice or omelette rice.
To get your food you must to buy in a ticket machine and give the ticket to the waiter. But don´t worry there are menu picture so you won´t have any problema to choose your favourite.
Address: Tokyo-to Nakano-ku Nakano 5-55-15
Working hours: 11:30~22:00


There are a lot of ramen restaurant in Nakano.
You can also find a lot of izakaya (Japanese-style bar) here.
※Next time, we would like to ask a foreigner to join us in these places.