Guide of Odaiba Area

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Guide of Odaiba Area

It is located in the east side of Tokyo. Odaiba area is a place close to the sea and it was created in Edo area but nowadays is area full of shopping malls and so on
In the crowded Tokyo you will find this area very convenient because there is a resort and theme park here.
Because it´s close to the sea, it´s one of the best place to be in summer.
Here is also the Makuhari Messe where a lot of “otaku” events as Comic Market (aka Comiket) or Tokyo Idol Festival , an idol event, are placed making this area very convenient for its amount of facilities.




Rinkai Line

Yamanote LIne Osaki St → Rinkai Line→Tokyo Teleport St or you can also get off in Kokusaitenjijo st)

Yurikamome Line

Yamanote Shimbashi St → Yurikamome Line → Odaibakaihinkoen to KokusaiTenjijouseimon St (local train)

From Asakusa in Tokyo Cruise

・From Asakusa in Tokyo Cruise
You can also move to Odaiba using the Tokyo Cruise “Hotaluna” or “Himiko” designed by Reiji Matsumoto, a famous mangaka known for works like Galaxy Express 999.
You will spend more money and time but it´s the best way to go especially in sunny days.


Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo
Gundam Front is the place where the famous giant Gundam is settled.
Inside the building there is a 360 degrees screen where you can enjoy some videos!
Movie is changed every month, so even if you come every month you´ll have fun for sure!

Inside exhibition building you can see a real size Core Fighter. You can take pictures but remain to use flash.
You can also have a picture in Strike Free Dam Gundam Cockpit using their service”SHOT-G”!

SHOT-G Shooting ticket

Advance ticket: 2,000yen
Same-day ticket: 2,700yen

There is a souvenir corner where you can buy gundam front presents. Don´t forget to go and take a look to it!
If you like fashion we recommend “STRICT-G”.
There are clothes with Gundam motif!

How to buy the ticket

You can buy tickets in the entrance of the building.

You can buy tickets in advance online and get them in ticket vending machine inside “Seven Eleven” konbini but this machine can be only used in Japanese.


Advance ticket: 1,000yen
Same-day ticket: 1,200yen

Working hours

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM / Last Entry 8:00 PM

Usually they open all days but rarely they close.
※ In this ticket status calendar page, in case there is no ⚪︎ or △ mark it means they are closed.


Comic Market
Odaiba is also the place where the most famous comic event “Comic Market” is held.
We have also a lot of reports of it in OtakuJapan website.
I would be happy if all otaku of the world could attend to Comiket.


This festival is held 2 days in the beginning of august every year.
It´s an event to show everything about japanese idol culture.
In this event you won´t be only the opportunity to see famous idols but also local idols who do their lives in this place in different stages.




In Odaiba there is a Jump Store where you will find Dragon Ball, Naruto and other anime goods contents.
Here there are a lot of shops with a plenty collection of different items.
If you check the ceiling you´ll see the Dragon God floating there!

Shop information

OPEN Only Summer season

NoItamina Shop

NoItamina Shop

It’s a shop where you can buy anime and anime films goods like Psycho-Pass or Fuji TV animation!
You can get figures and original goods.
There is also a cafe where you can relax or have a meal.

Shop information

Aqua City Odaiba 4F

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger
Onitsuka Tiger is a shoes specialist company that got independent from ASICS, a sports wear brand
Most famous line-up is GEL-LITE Onitsuka sneakers which have a high value and they are also sell overseas.!stores

Shop information

Aqua City Odaiba 3F


Japanese bag brand.
It´s a Japanese famous brand focus on young customers who are looking for something casual.
It is made in Japan so we think it will be one of the best present to get in your travel in Japan!.

Shop information

Aqua City Odaiba 3F




It´s the snack company “Calbee+” shop. It is famous because its Potato Chips but here you can eat the real one which are made here. Taste is totally different from ones you can get in konbini. They are so popular that there are always people lining up but you should give a try!

Shop information

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2nd floor
10:00~20:30(Order Stop)

Okonomiyaki Fuugetsu

Okonomiyaki Fuugets

It is a Okonomiyaki chain which has another restaurant in Akihabara.
In Japan there are 2 kinds of okonomiyaki: Hiroshima y Osaka style. In this restaurant you can eat Osaka style.
The restaurant staff will make it in front of you in an iron plate so you´ll get hungry instantly!
You can have lunch or dinner here and you can enjoy more having it with a beer.

Shop information

Aqua City Odaiba 6F
Last Order: 22:00


SIM Card vending machine

SIM Card vending machine

It is in Tokyo Aqua City 2nd floor. If you forgot to get it in the airport, yo can get it here. It support english and chinese language. Credit card payment only.

The price for14 days is 6000 yen and for 1 week is 4000 yen with a limit use of 100 mb/day.


Aqua City Odaiba 3F
Next to Tokyo Teleport Station between Saint Marc Cafe and the escalator.