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Attack on Titan Exhibition

Attack on Titan Exhibition arrived to Tokyo from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015.
It became so popular that will have other 2 exhibitions in Osaka and mangaka hometown.
Ticket information and prices are still unknown, so we recommend to check eventually exhibition museum website.

Period of time

Shingeki no Kyojin Exhibition WALL OITA
Place:Oita Prefectural Art Museum
Date:August 1st 2015 (Sat)~August 30 (Sun) ※No holidays

Shingeki no Kyojin Exhibition WALL OSAKA Event Information
Date:September 11th 2015 (Fri)~October 18th (Sun)
Place:Grand Front Osaka North Bldg. Knowledge Capital Event Lab.

Gundam Front Tokyo


In Tokyo there is an area where you can see a big size light-up Gundam, exhibition and a lot of things that you can´t miss the oportunity to check this information before come to Japan!


Gundam Front Tokyo is in the 7th floor of a building called Divercity located in Odaiba. You can reach to Odaiba from Akihabara in 45 min.


Akihabara st. → (JR Yamanote Line) → Shimbashi St. → (Yurikamome) → Odaiba st.

From Asakusa in Tokyo Cruise

You can also move to Odaiba using the Tokyo Cruise “Hotaluna” or “Himiko” designed by Reiji Matsumoto, a famous mangaka known for works like Galaxy Express 999.
You will spend more money and time but it´s the best way to go especially in sunny days.

How to buy the ticket

You can buy tickets in the entrance of the building.
※ You can buy tickets in advance online and get them in ticket vending machine inside “Seven Eleven” konbini but this machine can be only used in Japanese.

Working Hours

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM / Last Entry 8:00 PM
Usually they open all days but rarely they close.
※ In this ticket status calendar page, in case there is no ⚪︎ or △ mark it means they are closed.

Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, in Kawasaki-city


The most loved national manga for japanese “Doraemon”. Here is its mangaka, Fujiko F. Fujio museum.


Kanagawa-ken Kawasaki-shi is a little far from Tokyo but it takes only 1 hour from Shinjuku st. so you can plan it as a daily trip.
Shinjuk st. → Odakyu Line→Noborito St→Museum Exclusive bus→ Fujiko F. Fujio museum.

Ticket reservation time

Don´t forget to get your entrance ticket.
You can´t buy ticket in the museum! You can access to the museum at these hours:
(1)10:00 (2)12:00 (3)14:00 (4)16:00.
You need to buy the ticket before go to the museum.

How to get the ticket

You can buy it in any Lawson convient store. Inside Lawson store there is a ticket vending machine called “Loppi”. Just insert day, time (hour) you would like to enter in this museum, number of people and the machine will print a barcode in a white paper. Show that paper to the Lawson staff, pay the price and you will get the ticket instantly.
For more information check this websites:
If you arrive to the museum 30 minutes later that the time displayed in the ticket you won´t be able to access to the museum. Please, don´t forget it!

Popular ticket

It´s a popular place so it´s difficult to get the museum entrance ticket on the same day specially weekends and public holidays.
If you plan to visit Fujiko F. Fujio when you travel to Japan, we recommend to get your ticket in Lawson before.



I´m sure you have watched or you know movies like “Tonari no Totoro”, “Delivery Nikki”, “Porco Rosso” or “Mononoke Hime”, right?
The studio who produced all this movies is the Studio Ghibli Museum!!


This museum is located in Mitaka city, Tokyo. You can go there from Akihabara in 45 min aprox.
There are many ways to go but we recommend to go from Akihabara because you can go there without change line.
Akihabara→Sobu Line→Ochanomizu→Chuo Line→Mitaka

Ticket reservation time

Tickets are not sold in Studio Ghibli Museum
There is a time schedule to enter in the museum and you must to select time when you buy the ticket.
This is the time schedule:
(1)10:00 (2)12:00 (3)14:00 (4)16:00

How to get the ticket

You can get them in Japanese convenient stores “Lawson” from ticket vending machine “Loppi”. Just select day, time and number of people and it will be done.
After a barcode will be print out, bring it to the Lawson staff and after the payment, you´ll receive the ticket.
※ You will not allowed to enter in the museum if you arrive 30min later than the time shown in your ticket.Please be careful.

Get tickets can be difficult

You can buy tickets 1 month before you go, but you should buy them earlier as possible, especially if you plan to go on weekends. It is possible that you can´t get any ticket if you try to buy tickets after you arrive in Japan.
Before come to Japan, go to JTB office or get tickets in a travel agency.
In this website you can get information about how to get tickets from your country:

Mizuki Shigeru Museum

In Japan manga world, it is a living legend.
Lately it got a high rating internacionally. We are talking about Mizuki Shigeru Museum.
It is located in Sakai Minato in Tottori prefecture, the place where the mangaka was born.
From the closest station to the museum you can walk by “Mizuki Shigeru Road” where you will find a lot of things related to Mizuki Shigeru.


・By airplane
Mizuki Shigeru Museum is located 600km from Tokyo in Tottori Prefecture.
The fastest way is by airplain from Narita or Haneda airport to Yonago airport.
You can access to the museum in Sakai Minato by train using JR Sakai Line.

Yonago Airport

Transportation from Yonago airport
Yonago Airport Station→(JR Sakai Line)→(JR Sakai Line)→SakaiMinato st.

Train (In case you wanna use Shinkansen)
Tokyo st.→(JR Tokaido Shinkansen )→ Okayama st. → (JR express Yakumo) → Yonago St. →(JR Sakai Line)→ SakaiMinato St.

Night Train

Tokyo St →(SunRize Izumo)→ Yonago St → (JR Sakai Line) → Sakai Minato St
(You need to buy SunRize Izumo ticket in advance)

Mizuki Shigeru Museum Access Page (Japanese only)


How to buy ticket & prices

You can buy tickets in the entrance
Adults: 700 yen

Working Hours

No holidays. Open all days.
9:30am 〜 5pm

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory(Museum

It´s the museum of the mangaka Gosho Aoyama famous for his works like Detective Conan.
Gosho Aoyama was born in the same prefecture than Mizuki Shigeru, Tottori prefecture. This museum is far from the station but you can see a lot of Shinichi and Ran images and figures while you walk there which make you have a funny walk.


Yonago Airport
Yonago Airport Station→(JR Sakai Line)→Yonago駅→(JR Sanin-hon Line)→Yura駅

Train (In case you wanna use Shinkansen)

Tokyo st →(JR Tokaido Shinkansen)→ Okayama St → (JR express Yakumo) → Yonago St. → (JR Sanin-hon Line) → Yura St

Night Train

Tokyo st.→(SunRize Izumo)→Yonago st.→(JR Sanin-hon Line)→Yura St.
(You need to buy SunRize Izumo ticket in advance)

How to buy ticket & prices

You can buy tickets in the entrance
Adults: 700 yen

Working Hours

No holidays. Open all days