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This is a list of areas in Tokyo where you can find otaku shops


Akihabara is the center of Otaku culture. A place where you can find manga, anime, modeling, game, figure, cosplay goods, idol goods, etc and a lot of shops where you will enjoy discovering new things.
Many years ago, it was a area full of shops where electric product parts were sold so you’ll also find a lot of appliances.
Particularly, in front of the station there is Yodobashi Camera, a huge store with a rich amount of items, staff who can speak many foreign languages and a convenient place to do your shopping.
You can’t lose the chance to visit the archifamous “maid cafes” where cute maids will serve you as their “goshujinsama” (master). You can order cute plates and play games with maids. For an addicional fee, you can also take a picture with your favourite maid.


Nakano is located in the west side of Tokyo. It’s not so popular for otakus as Akihabara but there is a place called “Nakano Broadway” full of shops that sells subculture items. There is also a area called “Sun Plaza” where Hello!Project do many concerts.


Ikebukuro is the biggest area in the west side of Tokyo. In this area there is a street where you can find some otaku shops, but almost shops are focused on female customers (full of BL items). That’s the reason because it is called “Otome Road” (Virgin Road)


From many years ago, Takeshita Doori (Takeshita Street) has been considerated a place where fashion is born in Japan. There you’ll find a lot of fashion and idol goods.