Otaku Tour 1 week Plan

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We created this “Tokyo Otaku Tour One-week Plan” for people like you who want to have the best experience in your travel in Japan!
Here you have all information about exhibitions, shops and so on in local areas like Akihabara, Ikebukuro or Nakano!!
We expect all this information help you to try a lot of things while you´re here!

First Day


Welcome to Japan!! Where did you reserve your hotel?
Do you have already your Wi-fi or SIM card?
Maybe you have already reserved your hotel but we recommend to do it close to stations in Yamanote Line as Akihabara st or Nippori st. because it is really easy to go anywhere from there.

Second Day



Let’s go to Akihabara, the most famous otaku place in the Earth!.
It is located in the main line in Tokyo, Yamanote Line, so it’s really easy to move there from anywhere in Tokyo.

Since many years ago this place has been the place where most foreign people visit and possibly the place where most shops can support foreign people.
You can also go easily from Narita Airport so if you plan to buy a lot of things there we recommend to go one of the last days.


Third Day



Nakano is one of the most famous place in Tokyo but it is the place where you can find Nakano Broadway, a place where you’ll find a lot of Otaku shops.
We think it is perfect to enjoy otaku culture in your second day!


Almost shops are inside the building so even if there’s bad weather or raining
we recommend to go here.

Fourth Day



Ikebukuro is after Akihabara the area where most Otaku culture shops you can find.
Ikebukuro st. is in the same line (Yamanote line) than Akihabara.


Otaku shops in Ikebukuro are almost focus on women otaku and because it the area it is called “Otome road”.
This area is more focus on cosplay than Akihabara, so there are not many events but you’ll see a lot of cosplayer walking on the street.
If you are a women cosplayer we highly recommend this place.

Fifth Day


Guide of Odaiba Area

Odaiba is an area in front of the sea where there are resorts and where there are not many buildings compared to other areas in Tokyo.
You’ll find here Gundam Front Tokyo or places like Tokyo Big Site where a lot of otaku events are placed.
We recommend to visit Asakusa in the morning and get the Tokyo Cruise from here to Odaiba.
The boat designed by Leiji Matsumoto is simply amazing!
We recommend to get in in sunny days. 
If there’s a bad weather you can go to some museums or visit Nakano.


In Odaiba there is a “Calbee+” Shop, where you can buy snacks from Calbee the most famous snack company in Japan. They’re tasty, so don’t forget to try them!

Sixth Day



It is a little far from Tokyo but you can visit Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum or Ghibli Museum in 1 day.
If you forget to get your ticket in your country, you can get it in Lawson konbini from ticket vending machine. it will be easier to get if you plan to go in weekdays than on weekends.
It is difficult to enter if you haven’t bought the ticket in advance but in rainy days maybe you can be lucky (but we recommend to get your ticket before go there).


This summer in Osaka there are going to be a “Shingeki no Kyojin exhibition”. 
It looks really interesting but you will spend more days if you wanna go there so don’t forget to check your schedule before.

Seventh Day

And unfortunately everything has to end…today is our last day!

Don’t forget to check your plane ticket depart time and try to stay in the airport 2 hours before your depart time. 
If you are going to get your plane at night you can go again to Akihabara or go to buy some souvenirs to any place you like to go to.

You can go to Narita on Keisei line from Ueno St. which is 2 stations from Akihabara st. 
You can also take a walk from Akihabara if you have some time.


Akihabara shops open at 11am so maybe you can go there and buy some Kit Kat Matcha (green tea Kit Kat) or buy other sweets or souvenirs before go to the airport.