The Kit Kat shop open the world’s first in Ikebukuro!

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・Dates: January 17, 2014 from (fri)

・Venue: 1st floor food Seibu Museum underground (central A7) = sum Suites & Gift Confectionery department

Was born in England in 1935 “Kit Kat”.

Since, pastry chef Mr. Takagi Yasumasa on behalf of Japan cut the kit that has grown to chocolate that is loved all over the world supervised the development.

Shop to deliver a special kit cut at good quality not to be able to taste only Seibu Ikebukuro in the world “Kit Kat chocolate tree” is born on the first floor & Suites Gift Seibu Museum underground food!

Pastry chef Takagi Yasumasa Mr., you can enjoy the Kit Kat adults plus a special feeling and the feelings of the seasons elaborately.


Can be in Ikebukuro shops you can buy Kit Kat of all kinds!
I want to report after you’ve opened Kit Kat because I like popular to people overseas