The Tour of Evangelion 1.0 in Hakone

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The Tour of Evangelion 1.0 in Hakone

would like to introduce you to locations around Hakone, which was the setting for Evangelion, an animation broadcast in 1995.

Hakone is an area 100 km west of Tokyo, Japan and has long been enjoyed by Japanese people for its hot springs.

Do you know about the animation series “Evangelion” that was set in Hakone?
Evangelion features engaging characters, a mysterious story, and amazing depictions of robots.
Evangelion has swept not just Japan, but the entire world by storm.
We are also waiting on a new movie in 2016, making this the hot topic among anime enthusiasts.
(We are hoping it will come out this year, but there have been some issues… In any case, let’s wait patiently.)


・Evangelion Movie Website

Let’s check out areas where Evangelion was set!

Lake Ashino

Lake Ashino

If you are a huge Evangelion fan, you must take a visit to Lake Ashino.
Even if you are not a fan, I still highly recommend visiting.
If you arrive by train, transfer to bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station.

Standing lakeside at Lake Ashi you might be carried away by thoughts of the attack by the 5th angel Ramiel.
Hint: Destroy it with a positron rifle.

Take your time and enjoy the sights while having a lakeside meal at one of the many restaurants there.

Hakone-Yumoto Station

Hakone-Yumoto Station

This is the station depicted when Shinji was planning on running away.
It has recently been remodeled and does not look quite the same. Too bad.
We recommend staying for a night at one of the many nearby hot springs hotels!
The station also has a souvenir shop called “Eva-ya.”
Do not miss your chance to check it out.


Continue on the ropeway from Togendai Station on the north side of Lake Ashi.
You can smell the sulfur in the air in this unique area.
Shinji also came here when he was running away.
On clear days, you can see Mount Fuji, making this a great sightseeing spot.

Transportation Methods

Here we will introduce ways to get there from Tokyo.
This area has been popular through the ages, so there are many ways to get there from Tokyo.

Bus (Recommended)


A direct bus from Tokyo will cost approximately 3,000 yen.
You can depart from and arrive to many stations, including Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Station. Riding time will be approximately 2.5 hours.
(We recommend taking a PS VITA or 3DS.)

If you do not know where the bus picks up, it is easy to find out on the website below!

Train (Recommended)


An express train from Shinjuku will cost about 2,000 yen.
You can depart from and arrive to Shinjuku Station. Riding time will be approximately 1.5 hours.
It is almost too fast. We recommend watching a short movie.

The site below is available in multiple languages. Check it out!

・Both bus and train are easy to access, so enjoy either one as a low-stress option.

About Overnight Stays

There are plenty of facilities to stay overnight in the area, so getting a good night’s sleep will be no problem at all.
Make sure to check early, as there are sometimes not spots available during vacation season and the busy season!

Souvenir Introduction


We highly recommend the Eva-ya store on the first floor of the Hakone-Yumoto Station!
There are products here that are not available anywhere else, along with a large number of designs.
A life-sized Rei Ayanami is there to greet you, so make sure to say hello.
I personally like to recommend the teacups.

This was just a short introduction to the wonders of Hakone.
I have not even mentioned the stamp rally and so many other parts of Hakone, but I would be happy if you took an interest in Hakone and Evangelion
and stopped by!