Wonder Festival 2014 Winter General Guide

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Wonder Festival 2014 Winder General Guide

Wonder Festival 2014 Winder General Guide

Place: Makuhari Messe Kokusaitenjijo

Date: 9th February 2014

Entrance Fee: 2000 yen (Entrance fee and Guide Book included/Entrance free for kids under 6 years old)

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Wonder Festival Website : http://wf.kaiyodo.net/

Wonderfestival is an event that was created not only for amateur or profesional but for people who want to exhibit or sell their kits or for that who are looking for feedback from others.

On this day, character items with no licence can be sold (known as copyright ítems), limited articles, profesional dealer´s line new articles made this event attractive for its visitors.

1.Wonder Festival Summary

Wonder Festival is celebrated every year in February and July.

In Japan weather and temperature is different from other locations having a hard winter and a really hot summer.

※In Japan, February is very cold!

In summer we recommend to wear shirt or tshirt.

In Winter you should wear a coat or downjacket.

It´s posible that it rains or you had to stand in a line for long time so you should check weather forecast before.

2. Transportation

Wonder Festival is celebrated in a place where almost Japanese exhibitions are shown, Makuhari Messe. International events are also celebrated there so you will be able to watch information from outside.

■From Tokyo or Nippori

Take Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station.

There are a lot of trains in this direction.

When you arrive to Tokyo station change train to Keio Line.

You can do it inside Tokyo station and you will spend around 10 or 20 min.

If there is no problem you should get there in 30 minutes. You can play PS VITA while waiting.

To don´t pass over the station, pay attention to train announcements and get off in Kaihinmakuhari station.

※On the way you´ll pass famous themeparks like Tokyo Disneyland Resort so be careful and don´t get off in a different place.

When you arrive to the station let the flow of people afterward and walk.

There are other people who will go to other place so don´t forget to check your map.


Cars are not allowed to enter in the event área.

There are no parkings close to the event so be careful at looking for them.

(You can´t park on road. If you are caught, you´ll have to pay a penalty.)

3.Wonder Festival rules

In Wonder Festival there are also some rules that must to be followed.

Keeps rules to have the best experience!

■Stay all night

We understand you can buy all items

but it´s not allowed to stay in the building all night.

If something would happen or something is stolen, Wonder Festival could be cancelled.

It could have consequences as penalties or delay in event

■Mental attitude for this event

In the opening dash of Wonder Festival many problems can happened so if you plan to run please be careful with people who is around you.

■ Preparation for the event

Prepare these things before go to the event:


  • Cash
  • Hot drink (TEA)
  • Snacks
  • Sneaker
  • Eco Bag
  • Hat
  • Rain Wear

It is difficult to get snacks in the event. We recommend to bring some snacks before go to the event.

Personally, I recommend high calory snack pan (Anpan),

There will be some announcements from the event management team, so don´t forget to follow them.

  • Be responsible of your garbage while you are in the event and never don´t throw it.
  • Be also responsible of yourself and set items for any unexpected weather, cold..etc.
  • Bring coins and small value money to the event.
    Almost sellers are amateurs so they won´t have a big amount of money to change big value money as 10.000 yen.
  • Don´t run in the event! It is dangerous!
  • Don´t disturb other people!
  • Lately people with garage kit perfect sampleshave increased but please, stop it. Pay attention to don´t hit others with your luggage.
  • Before take pictures, ask to the sellers.
  • Don´t sit or open your luggage in the event.
  • The place will be crowded so it will be easy to forget or lost things.
  • If it is difficult for you to bring back all your package with you, there is a postal service available for you.
  • We don´t reply inquiries related to Wonder Festival members, sellers or articles. We can´t also help you in case any problem would happen so please check any information by internet. To avoid any problem, before buy any item please ask any detailed information to the seller directly.

4. Cosplay and shooting rules

■In case you want to take a picture of any cosplay

Take a look to the basic rules!

  • If you want to take a picture to a cosplay, ask first to the cosplayer. You will receive a note with the cosplay registration seal. The location of the dressing room is also included in the note.
  • To separate general people who wants to enter in the building and freezone área, freezone will be opened at 11am. While, please wait inside the building. “Yasuragi Mall” and “Ikoi Mall” is set as freezone entrance and exit. In case of bad conditions or temperature Hall 4 and 6 will be set as freezone.
  • After open doors of the event, it will be crowded so please refrain to bring “long” and dangerous thing in small areas or crowded places. Shooting inside Hall is not allowed.
  • The place to take pictures to cosplayer it is also decided (the freezone). If you want to take a picture outside, please go out from the building. If it´s difficult to take pictures, please ask to the person in charge of the cosplayer.
  • For rainy days, the freezone will move to “Ikoi Mall” and “Yasuragi Mall” in the afternoon, but don´t forget to pay attention to announcements inside the event before take pictures.
  • To avoid any problems ask to the cosplayer in case you want to take any pictures or if you want to upload them in your website. If you communicate with the cosplayer it will be easier to take pictures.
  • Low angle is prohibited
    It is prohibited to take pictures without asking permission to the cosplayer!

■If you want to do cosplay

There is a locker fee for cosplayers(for luggage..etc)。You can keep big luggages than usually can be done in other events, so please use it.

If you overpass the time you must to pay 500 yen extra. We appreciate your understanding.

5. Closing

Thank you for read until here.
We want to give you the best support so if you still have any questions, contact with us by mail.

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