Comicmarket85 – December 31th 2013 (tue) Photo Report

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Machi-chan and Kanda-kun attended to Comiket 85 which was celebrated during 3 days.

Kanda-kun: We´ve been 3 days at Comiket!

Machi: You did a good work! Comiket is the best event for otakus! A big event!Kanda-kun: There was also a good weather. If it had rained, it would had been a hard time for all of us!

Machi: It is good to prepare food and drink before go to the event because even when the train that goes to Comiket is crowded!

Kanda-kun: It is also difficult to go to the toilet ><. Big Sight is a big place so i got lost many times. I think it´s neccesary to check the area map before get in to the building.

Machi: You´re right. It was really hard but i´m sure that good things are coming to this event.

Kanda-kun: It´s is amazing how even being a crowded place, everyone keep good manners.

Machi: Pictures can be taken where dojinshis are been selling so we only could take cosplay pictures. There´s a high level!

Kanda-kun: There were many cosplay that i didn´t know but everyone were cool!

Machi: All cosplay is about new and old, popular and also rear manga and anime.
Everyone is really doing their best doing their cosplay, so you can enjoy watching them.

Machi: By the way, this time was my first time coming by bus from Tokyo St. to Tokyo Big Sight. It was really funny!. There are many bus and even if one of them is crowded you can get the next one. And it only cost 200 yen!.

Kanda-kun: The bus stop is close to Tokyo Station Yaesu exit. We should show to foreigners who wants to go to this event, don´t you think so?

Machi: Next Comiket “C86” will be in summer. We should to collect more information!

Kanda-kun:「Oh! It´s a nice idea!!」

Comic Market 85
Schedule: 29th (Sunday)– 31th (Tuesday) December 2013
Tokyo Big Sight