Comitia 107 – February 2nd 2014 (sun) Report

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Machi: Today we’re going to Comitia!

Kanda-kun: What’s Comitia? Is it different from Comiket, the event we went last year?

Machi: Comitia is also celebrated in Tokyo Big Sight by the same doujinshi association.
The event space is smaller than Komiket(Komiket use a huge space!), but there around 5000 circles join to this event and it is celebrated 4 times a year, having its Kansai, Nagoya and Niigata version.
This time is the event no.107 so it has an old history!

Kanda-kun: I see, it is hold in Tokyo in the same place as Comiket.
Like Comiket, you can buy this panflet as the entrance fee (You can also buy it in the event and after it is sold out, entrance is free)

Kanda-kun: Eh? It looks the same event, but the atmosphere is different, don’t you think so?

Machi: Yes, in Komiket, because cosplay is prohibited it is not important as a festival but it’s a stoic event of manga.

Kanda-kun: There are not anime or game companies booze but there are a lot of pen tablet and illustration related companies.

Machi:There is various set of manga magazine publishing company and everyone can bring their manga.

Kanda-kun: So, it’s not an anime event but manga event, right?

Machi: Proffesional mangaka are called for this event too. Tomorrow, Ashita no Joe’s mangaka Chiba Tetsuya will come.

Kanda-kun: There are a lot of circles, so i don’t know where to buy it.

Machi: You can visit all booze, stand-up reading and if you are interested, you can buy them.
It’s funny to talk with circle staff and select what you like! In the center of the event, there is a space where all doujinshis are put together to be read, and if you like one of them you can search the booze and buy them.

Kanda-kun: it is crowded, of course, but not so much as Komiket.
There are pieces of work of high quality made by professional which copies are stapled with a hotchkiss.

Machi: In case you become fan of any mangaka, you can give your feedback, ask any questions and so on.It’s interesting to see them in the event.

Comitia 107 only)
Date:February 2nd 2014(Sun)
Place:Tokyo Big Sight