Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, in Kawasaki-city

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Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, in Kawasaki-city

Today we are going to a museum of an mangaka that any japanese know.

There are a lot of mangakas who creates amaizing mangas but Fujiko F. Fujio is the only one who is in Japanese´ hearts. Specially “doraemon” anime and its manga which every year gets its movie versión. Even the autor died, fans love it throughout the ages.

For make this posible, Fujiko F. Fujio created their manga characters for kids to make them feel that his characters lives in our world creating a special connection.

The museum is located in Kanagawa-Ken Kawasaki-shi. Here is the city where Fujiko F. Fujio lived.
It´s Kanagawa-ken but the closest station is Noborito st. which is 30 min from Shinjuku St.
From Noborito st. you can get a special bus to the museum.

The bus has come. It´s sooo cute!

Outside and inside decoration (even sheet and bottom) in this bus is decorated with Fujiko F. Fujio characters. Looks like there are 4 types of this bus.

We arrived to the museum in 10 minutes by this bus!

Ah! I forgot to tell you but we can´t buy entrance ticket here.

What!? Then, where should we get it?

You can buy it in any Lawson convient store. Inside Lawson store there is a ticket vending machine called “Loppi”. Just insert date, time (hour) you would like to enter in this museum, number of people and the machine will print a barcode in a white paper. Show that paper to the Lawson staff, pay the price and you will get the ticket instantly.

For more information check this websites:

Oh! You have already bought them! Thank you!

First, you must to decide what day and what time (there are 4 to choose: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00) you are going to enter in the museum and you will get it. Even if you buy an early time ticket you will be able to stay in the museum until it is closed, so we recommend to get it as early as you can but you must to be careful with entrance time: if you arrive to the museum 30 min later that the entrance time you decided, you will not able to enter in the museum. Don´t forget it!

This museum is famous so it will be difficult to get a ticket on the same day if you try on weekends or public holidays.

So foreigners who come to Japan should buy it as faster as they arrived here.

We could finally enter in the museum.Photos are limited to some specific áreas but there are a lot of funny things.

They gave us a museum map panflet.

It is also available in English, chinese and Korean.

Ah! There is also a free rental audioguide.

Inside the building you will find Fujiko. F. Fujio Biography, work chronology, relatives testimony video, exhibition área, manga corner, museum café, a garden full of characters and so on.

There are so many things to see that i´m exhausted.
Let´s take a rest in museum cafe!

After entered in the museum we get cafe numbered ticket. Cafe is also popular so we recommend to go first to take numbered ticket.

Thank you for everything! You can order a drink (coffee and cocoa) with Fujiko F. Fujio characters drawn on it! They are so cute! Even the food has characters design! All looks so delicious that it´s difficult to choose only one!

You´re right! When we finish to eat them, let´s go out to the garden to watch all characters.

There is a cute big green field.

There is the “teleportation door”! Let´s take a picture together!

There are some characters hidden in the forest.

It looks funny so let´s find them!

We haven´t been to the theater. Here you can watch an original movie created by this author that only can be seen here.

I´m looking forward to watch it!

There is also a souvenir shop. Because there is such a good menu at the cafe, there must to have a lot of good goods.

No doubt!

It was so funny!

There is also an exclusive bus to come back to the station so let´s ride in it!

What did you buy at souvenir shop?

I got a Giant design plate!


Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, in Kawasaki-city