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Tokyo, Mitaka St.

Looks like Kanda-kun found a wonderful museum and he invited Machi-chan

This is Mitaka st. It spends 1 hour to arrive here from Akihabara.

Muahaha.Today i´m going to introduce you the best museum in Japan, in my opinion! It is the famous Mori Ghibli Musueum, Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.


This is Studio Ghibli Museum, the museum of the most famous person in Japan animation and the one who created a new anime generation: Hayao Miyazaki!

I heard that it is popular. You have already bought a ticket!

Muahaha. You can´t buy ticket in the museum, If it happened tickets have been already sold out.
There are travel companies from overseas who contact with their representatives in Japan to get these tickets.

For more information check this websites

Ah, we are going to be late! Let´s take a bus!!


We recommend to go to Mitaka´s Mori Ghibli Museum by bus
There are buses running every 10-15 min!
Even bus stop has a special decoration which made it easy to find it.
You´ll spend around 5 minutes to arrive to the museum.


There is a bus that stops in front of the museum!

It´s very convenient, don´t you think so?

Look! There you can see the robot of “Laputa, The Castle in the Sky”! Amazing!

It is prohibited to take pictures or recording inside the museum except restaurant and the decoration in the roof, so please, be careful!

Inside the building all looks like Ghibli works!

Yes, even its interior design is wonderful.
Hayao Miyazaki´s son Miyazaki Goro was the person in charge of the construction of this building.

Really? Wow!

OK, First, let´s go to the mini theather.
They show original films that only can be seen here!

Looks like the movie is going to start.

You´re right! I recommend to check mini theather schedule. If you don´t understand something, you can ask to the information staff in the entrance.


Inside Ghibli Museum there is a Mini Theather.
You must to see their films because they are shown here before it is sell on DVD/Blu-Ray.
If you have any question you can ask to the information staff in the entrance of the building.

Wow! It was really interesting!

It was only 15 minutes but it was originally a feature film.

Oh, in this room there are documents about Ghibli works production.

There is not cells but original pictures and merchandising that can make you and idea about what kind of contents was Ghibli creator looking at.
He had a lot of things but he has also a good sense about it.

Ah! I was so concentrated that i´m hungry now

Inside this building there is a restaurant and take out service.

It is lunch time so I think the restaurant will be crowded. Let´s take a hotdog in the roof

OK. I was looking forward to eat in the restaurant something from Ghibli anime looking menu but it has been a long time since I ate a hotdog so let´s try!


Inside the building there is also a restaurant.
Usually it is crowded and at lunch time you will need to line for a long time.
It would be a good idea to go later than lunch time.


I´m full!

That´s good.

Uh? Is there a souvenir shop?

It´s a museum shop called “Mamma Aiuto”.

Museum shop

There is also a museum shop called “Mamma Aiuto”
There are many items so you would want to buy all of them.
They have even cheap keyholders, badge and other accesories, perfect items as a gift!!

Oh, there are a lot of souvenirs that only can be bought here.

Kanda-kun、this is Pazu´s cap! I think this is a good present!

There are also many accessories with Ghibli characters design.
It is a little bit expensive but they are really cool.

The robot soldier

The robot soldier in the roof is a shooting point.
There are people lining up so let´s wait!
This is Ghibli Museum so you can ask people next to you to take a picture. I´m sure they will be happy to help you.

GHIBLI soldier

I wanna see the robot soldier in the roolf!

My goodness!

The spiral stairs have a old style design.

The decoration of this museum is also a highlight!

The robot soldier!

I will take a picture of you. Please, stand there.

Thank you!

They are going to the museum exit.

It is a amazing museum.

The place is not so big but when you enter in the museum you can feel like you were inside Ghibli world. I would like to live here.

Looks like they had a lot of fun
Sometimes it´s really difficult to get tickets than it looks like a battle but it´s the better place in Japan if you want to join Studio Ghibli´s world.
If you have any question about Studio Ghibli works or how to get tickets please contact us!!

Mitaka Gourmet

In Mitaka, there is a delicious bakery shop called “Chinopan”.
The design is inspired in one that appears in a Ghibli movie.
How´s about buy an “anpanpan”, etc when you are coming back from Ghibli Museum?
3-18-15, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo

GHIBLI gourmet