Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory(Museum) and hot spring in Shimane

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Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Machi: Kanda-kun! Have you been at Mizuki Shigeru’s Museum?

Kanda-kun: Yes! I’ve been there! I had a lot of fun!

Machi: I envy you! Speaking of Tottori mangaka, Gosho Aoyama is the best!! The mangaka who created the most famous work “Conan” which has been continued for 20 years also was born here.
And there is one of the most famous shrine in Japan in Shimane prefecture too, the “Izumooyashiro Shrine”!

Kanda-kun: Machi-chan, to tell the truth i went to both places. After going to Mizuki Shigeru’s Memorial Hall i came back to Yonago Station and i moved to Yura Station, the place where Gosho Aoyama was born. Here you can also find the museum “Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory”(http://www.gamf.jp/english/)!

Yura Station、Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Machi-chan: There is a Gosho Aoyama Museum? I wanna go!

Here is Yura Station. It is 1 hour from Yonago st.
I couldn’t ride it but from Yonago st. there is a train with Conan series visual color.
http://manga-tottori.jp/?id=217(japanese only)
In this town there is not so much figures as Mizuki Shigeru in Sakaiminato but there is a lot of bronze statues of Gosho Aoyama’s characters.
The best one is a Kudo Shinichi’s bronze statue located in front of a library. It is a normal library. It looks like he’s waiting for an appointment, i love it!
From station to the museum there is a long distance but its streets are full of comic prints and other Conan decorations which makes it funny to walk by.

Machi-chan: It will be great for fans! Looks like Shiniki-kun is living here.

Kanda-kun: Right? It is similar as Mizuki Shigeru in Sakaiminato but here you can see how much they love his manga watching this decoration.

Machi-chan: Ah, this is the museum! Wow!
I like Agasa Hiroshi Beettle and Shonentanteidan bronze statues!!

Kanda-kun: Machi-chan. I only could do that. I wasn’t on time and when i arrived the library was closed

Machi-chan: Eeeeh!!!?? What a pity!

Kanda-kun: Tottori become different from Tokyo and there is not many trains to move there so next time i must to decide better my schedule.

Machi-chan: I see. Too Bad!

Kanda-kun: I couldn’t buy goods here. Sorry ><.

Izumo Oyashiro Shrine

kanda-kun: After that day, i went to a close prefecture to see Izumooyashiro Shire.

Machi-chan: In a ancient japanese history book called “Kojiki” there is information about this ancient shrine, but even now, it is still popular among japanese.

Kanda-kun: That’s right! It is one of the most popular routes in Japan. For japanese, it is a place that everyone must to visite one in their life, it is far so it is full of travellers.
And this temple is famous of giving good luck for love… I also went to pray there!Machi-chan!(Looking at Machi-chan reaction)

Machi-chan: (Normal reaction)Is that so?I wanna go too!


Onsen(Yunotsu St.)

Kanda-kun: After going to Izumooyashiro Shire, i went to a onsen which is close to the station.
Shimane Pref. and Tottori Pref. there are a lot of onsen but Yunotsu has a small onset town where a famous onsen can be found.

Kanda-kun: It felt great!!! I could refresh my body after a long trip!!
It is close to the port and they offer a delicious fish in ryokan (japanese style hotels) It was delicious!

Machi-chan: I really envy you! Particularly in winter vacation, go to an onsen is the best option!

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory(Museum)

IzumoOyashiro Shrine
http://www.izumooyashiro.or.jp/(japanese only)

Yunotsu Onsen