Niconico Chokaigi 2015

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Niconico Chokaigi 2015

KaihinMakuhari St. , 1 hour from Tokyo.

Good morning Kanda-kun!

Good Morning, Machi-chan! Cherry Blossom season has already finished and now is the perfect time to go out and visit many places!

This place is close to the sea and the wind here will make you feel good.

Kaihinmakuhari is where Makuhari Messe is located. Is there any otaku event today?

Foreign people haven’t heard much about it but in Japan there is a famous Niconico event called Niconico Chokaigi!

It must to be famous if Niconico Douga hold it. It started as a Vocaloid event where users could show their songs and dances (aka “Odottemita” and “Utattemita”) and many of them now are famous. But what kind of event is NiconicoChokaigi?

This time is its fourth anniversary. Every year amazing booths are shown here but i have never been here so let’s join!

It’s the same place which Machi-chan show me but it’s huge!

Wow! What’s that!? They are doing sumo and pro-wrestling!
There are even Self-Defence Forces and U.S. Forces Japan booth!!

There is also a booth about Japan political party so people who are interested in Japan politics can join here. A famous politician makes a speech. And of course there are cosplayers too. There are also booth that Kanda-kun already know as “Utattemita” “Odottemita” and “Ensoushitemita”.

Here you can find also japanese ancient board games like Go or Shogi.

And this event is not only about things related to Niconicodouga but many companies and agencies are also here. It’s difficult to see events like this one.

Here you can find also japanese ancient board games like Go or Shogi.
Even Hello Project! and Denpagumi.Inc concerts!

There are japanese pro baseball players vs computer match contents too!
Kanda-kun come here! To celebrate Patlabor movie, they are showing a giant Ingram here!

Wow! You can find anything here. Don’t care how much you walk there are always something new to watch!

There were food booths too but they’re expensive so it will be a good idea if you get some food in shops near the station★

You’re right!

Hohoho ♡
Goods that are sold here has a good reputation so we recommend to get some of them as a present!

We did it!!! We could get some goods too!

Ok, let’s come back home!
Trains will be crowded when you come back home so we recommend to take it later as possible!

Niconico Chokaigi 2015
Date:April 25th-26th 2015
Place:Makuhari Messe