Pilgrimage「Haruhi stage, Koyoen〜Kyoto Animation」

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Machi: Kanda-kun, I went on a trip.

Kanda-kun: Eh? Where?

Machi: To Kobe and Kyoto.

Kanda-kun: Both are Japan west cities. Kobe is a port city located in Hyogo prefecture and it’s also a place where many foreigners live. Basketball player Kobe Bryant is derivated from Kobe beef production.Kyoto was the capital of Japan 749 years ago. It is one of the most famous locations visited by foreigners.

Kanda-kun: But Machi-chan. It is weird that almost people go there to do an ordinary sightseeing, don’t you think so?

Machi: What are you saying? Kobe is famous because is the stage of the archifamous anime series Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!

Kanda-kun: … () And how’s about Kyoto?

Machi: Really? Kyoto is where Kyoto Animation is located, famous for creating anime like Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On! or Free!

Kanda-kun: But wait! What do people there? I think almost people don’t go just to make a tour in Kyoto Animation.

Machi: This is a peregrination. Look at this pictures.

Kanda-kun: Ohh.

Machi: This is Koyoen in Kobe. These are buildings and locations are drawn in Melancholi of Haruhi Suzumiya animation!

Kanda-kun:Wow, this is the place for storing bicycles that Kyon passes in the first episode!

Machi: You’re right. This is the school route where Kyon passes. And this is the hill road where everyone complains. And look at this treasure. This is the mansion where Yuki Nagato lives!

Kanda-kun: Wow! It’t like the anime.

Machi: And the citiscape that appears in Suzumiya Haruhi is in the center of Koyoen, so i think it can be funny to walk by.

Kanda-kun: This is the cream soda that Yuki Nagato likes.

Machi: And there is the cafe that appears in the anime. There is not in the menu but if you ask to the owner, he’s also a great fan so he will make it.

Kanda-kun: I see. That’s embarrasing but also funny. Next is Kyoto. Kyoto Animation is not located in Kyoto but in Uji.

Machi: Yes. Here is located the production of a popular japanese tea between foreigners, Ujicha(Uji green tea). And here is also the World hesitate, Ujigami Shrine. We also went there.

Kanda-kun: Oh, Ujigami Shrine looks cool.

Machi: A long time ago, minimum design buildings were considered as cool in Kyoto. And here’s Kyoto Animation!

Kanda-kun: What? This small? Looks like a normal house.

Machi: There is another studio but it’s not so big and it is also painted in yellow. There is also an official shop but it was closed! Bad luck.

Kanda-kun: Eh? What a shame! However in ancient cities like Uji, international items are produced.

Machi: It is also interesting go and take a look to the place where it is made.

Machi: And Kanda-kun. I have bought you a souvenir. Present for you!

Kanda-kun: Oh! Uji green tea taste KitKat! Thank you!