Manga*Anime*Games from Japan

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Machi-chan & Kanda-kun meet in a famous foreigner place: Roppongi.

This yeas summer is really hot, isn´t it? Even if you walk for a short time you get sweat easily.

It´s too hot! It´s really hard to stay in house these days.

Today we are going to 2 exhibitions in Roppongi.

Wow, it´s rear that you wanna go to an exhibition.
Is it the museum of contemporary art? National Museum of Western Art? I like japanese museums where you can see Budha, Adachi Hanga..etc.

You´re wrong this time too!
This year in Mori Art Center Gallery located in Roppongi Hills there is an exhibition for Kidousenshi Gundam 35th anniversary and in The National Art Center there is an exhibition where you can see japanese manga, anime, game history.

Both art museum are in Tokyo, right?
In summer vacation the number of young customers are incresed so japanese otaku culture contents also get increased.

You´re right. It was unthinkable 10 years ago but after the successful Shingeki no Kyojin exhibition looks like things are starting to change.

OK! So, both of them are near Roppongi, right? Let´s go then!


Kidousenshi Gundam Exhibition

First, let´s go to Roppongi Hills where Mori Art Center Gallery is located.
You can get excited just watching the huge poster of the Mobile Suit!

OK! Let´s go to the gallery after take a picture!

In the first part of the exhibition you can get in the white base operation room where you can experience Gundam launch and Char attack!

Amazing! A big Zagu is in the white operation room!
I feel like i´m on board!

Wow! They just are showing us amazing things from the beginning!

Next, you can find the first images and documents about the first Gundam.
In the first floor there a lot of proposal but there is a lot of important information.

There are also Mobile Suit first designs of Amuro and Bright and Gundams.

Here there are also Gumdam series famous scenes cells and posters of its promotions!
And the best thing is you can find sketch of Char Aznable!
There are also things never seen before that will made fans enjoy more than ever in this exhibition!

Oh! This is the first Gundam scene but its neck is cut off!

Oh, it’s is full-size! The part where in the battle with Zeong destroyed trace looks so real!

Here you can take pictures, so don’t forget to take a lot of them!

There is a gallery shop where you can buy Gundam goods as well!
There are goods that only will find here so don’t let this chance go!

Machi-chan、after that we’ll go to The National Art Center so don´t get many things with you.

Even if you say that…

Manga*Anime*Games from Japan

Nippon no Manga - Anime - Game

We bought a lot of goods! In The National Art Center there is an exhibition called “Nippon no manga – Anime – Game” where we can see how japanese culture has changed.

A lot of Otaku contents are shown here! How interesting!

Oh, you can play Mario Sunshine!
Mario is a character from Nintendo!
I’m sure you already know about that but it’s a game development japanese company.
I’m sure you have also played Mario Kart, aren’t you?

I haven’t done!

Before come back home go to Akihabara and buy it!

All Nintendo consoles are line up!
Oh! Here’s PLAYSTATION ones!

You put your eyes in a good place!
PLAYSTATION4 has sold more than PLAYSTATION2.
It’s because they release new games like Dragon Quest.

Today you´re look very excited!
Let’s play Mario Kart!

Here we are a legendary japanese game! Ah, Steel Battalion, right? It used to have a expensive controller set. It’s the first time i see it. It’s nice to have a panoramic view of japanese game history.

I wanna play “Taiko no Tatsujin”!

Nice choice.
It is popular in arcade game history.
It used to be a famous game in game center…

There are also a lot of anime contents.

You can also find shoujo information. They have a big diversity, haven’t them? Japanese games became global lately so we must to support them!

A lot of manga are introduced here too. Even i, who recopilate information about Japan have found managers that i didn’t know. Not only Mario Kart, you must get some manga too.

I finally understood that Japan culture has good strong points like manga, anime and games
I also think they should watch past exhibition to improve the new ones.

I’m happy that they have a huge catalog of contents here!
Mario Bros, Sailor Moon, Crayon Shin-Chan, Tedzuka Osamu, BioHazard, GHOST IN THE SHELL, Touhou Series, Dragon Quest, K-on!, Kankore…etc…I love all of them!

Being detailed about previous Gundam exhibition i think there were many things that need to be improved but watching back japanese history of this kinds of exhibitions i think it was a good stuff!

Date:July 18th (Sat) – September 27th (Sun)
Place:Mori Art Center Gallery

Manga*Anime*Games from Japan
Date:June 24th (Wed) – August 31h (Mon)