Shigeru Mizuki Museum

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Shigeru Mizuki Museum

This is Kanda. Today we have come all the way! I have come alone so this will be a monologue travel report.
Our destination is Shigeru Mizuki Museum located in Tottori pref. in west Japan area (west from Osaka)

Kanda-kun explanation

Hey, everyone! Have you heard about Shigeru Mizuki Museum?

He is a popular mangaka in Japan that started from early days of japanese manga, and his manga is being re-released in Japan.

This work has been continuing for a long time and it has been shown as anime as well. In Japane everyone know “Gegege no Kitaro” and “Akuma-kun” but there are a lot of mangakas who draw it.
Even in foreign countries, “Nonnonba” a manga drawn in his childhood or “Onward Towards Our noble Death” from his war memories got famous in France where he got an international prize and high puntuation.

And lately, “Gegege no Nyobo” a history about marriage life written by his wife became a popular drama in Japan.
Mizuki Shigeru is 91 years old, his stories has influenced in an uncontable number of mangakas, and his works are loved by novelist, mangakas and all japanese.

Now, he lives in Chofu but he grew up in a fish village called Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture.
Today i was here!

Transportation from Tokyo to Tottori

Tottori is pretty far from Tokyo. The fastest way from Tokyo is by airplain from Narita Airport to Yonago Airport but this time i wanted to go by a night train that departs from Tokyo.
However, the bed is not so big so it can be a little bit painful for people with a strong body.

Yonago Station

We have arrived to Tottori Terminal St, Yonago Station. We’ll get in Kitaro train and it will take 30 minutes to arrive to Sakaiminato!
In this station there is a lot of Mizuki Shigeru characters everywhere.

You can see the airport from the train. That is Yonago Kitaro Airport, right? Many people who arrive to this airport use Kitaro train.
According to internet, there are 2 airplanes that departs from Haneda Airport and there are 6 that departs from Narita airport every day!
If you plan to come here, this is the shortest way.
※In the airport you can see Gegegenokitaro’s Mizuki Shigeru name!

Sakaiminato Station

We have arrived to Sakaiminato Station!

Wow! This is not only a train, this place is focus on Shigeru Mizuki World!

In the top of the mail post, you can see Kintaro and Eyeball Oyaji, even in the taxi lamp there is an Eyeball Oyaji!
Local Star envolves all the city with Mizuki Shigeru’s world!

Wow! We found 5m Bronze statue of monsters from Mizuki Shigeru’s manga! How many of them are here?
Mizuki Road!? From Station to Museum there is a road which has named with Mizuki Shigeru’s name.

We have arrived to the Museum! In the entrance, Yamada the Salariman and Nekomusume, Mizuki Shigeru’s famous characters welcome us!

Inside the Museum

It is not allowed to take pictures inside the Museum so there are many things that unfortunally i can’t show you but i can show you how gorgeous is Mizuki Shigeru’s bronze statue of monsters.
There are many exhibitions like war memories. And there are a lot of areas where videos explain you about Mizuki Shigeru sensei.
It’s not a big building but you may easily recognize from the station.
People in this local town are really nice, so they will help you to take pictures in case you go alone.
I think it would be great that foreign people come here to get this feeling!

About souvenirs

Inside the Museum there is not a souvenir shop, but there is a small area where books are being sold.
Coming back to the station i pass Mizuki Road which is full of souvenirs, so we recommend to buy there.

In every shop you can find a lot of things that these people are selling. For example, i bought a present from this shop where the owner, a old women, drew a Mizuki Shigeru’s specter. 「He showed me an “Ittan-moment” sketching book. And i thought, “if i make a t-shirt, would people buy it?”」.

There are a lot of souvenirs but not made by Mizuki Shigeru. Local people has made them but looks like the mangaka has no problems with it.
I wonder if someone check this production before.

Anyway, i bought a lot of souvenirs from Mizuki Road!
The city where Mizuki Shigeru was born, and the place where his world was constructed is really interesting!
There are many hot springs and famous shrine like Izumo Oyashiro that will make you enjoy walking around here.

After this, i will show you Aoyama Gosho’s Museum (other mangaka who was born in Tottori prefecture), hot springs and Izumo Oyashiro Shrine.

Shigeru Mizuki Museum