How to get your wifi-router & SIM-card in Narita Airport

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When you arrive to Japan, you want to check a lot of information like your hotel location, train schedule and so on. 
If you are looking for get your Wi-fi or SIM-card earlier as possible, Narita Airport has 3 terminals where you can find many counters for companies like Telecom Square, Softbank, Air’s and Jwifi@Mobile whose services will be introduced in this post.

Telecom Square

Location:Narita Airport Terminal 1, 2 & 3


1GB – 4,500 yen
3GB – 6,500 yen
Only data, calls and messages not incluyed.

Wi-Fi router

City Type 1,296 yen/1day(Only for Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities)
Wide Type 1,625 yen/1day(You can use it everywhere.)


・Terminal 1 & 2 counter. Credit card only.
・In the shop inside Narita Airport you can pay with cash.

Working hours

Narita Terminal 2 only


Location:Terminal 1 & 2

Wi-Fi Router

City Type 970yen/1day 100MB
You can return it in a different Terminal.
Payment:Only credit card.

Working hours

Narita Terminal 1
7:30 – 20:30
Narita Terminal 2
7:00 – 21:00


Location:Terminal 1

Wi-Fi Router

Price:1,530 yen/day
Limit:There is no data limit
Insurance:130 yen/day
Payment:Only credit card.

Working hours


There is no so many shops and it´s difficult to return it.


It is so complicated! Here you have all detailed information:


Narita Airport has counters where you can get SIM-card and Wi-fi router but price sometimes is expensive.
Lately there are a lot of companies that offer cheaper and simple SIM-card plan in electronics store in Akihabara (furthermore, offer services specially for tourists).
For example this one:

Next time we will like to get more information to show you how to get them easily!