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You can go to the center of Tokyo from Narita Airport by bus or train. Narita Airport isn’t in Tokyo but Chiba,
so when everyone arrive to the airport try to reach to the main line in Tokyo, Yamanote Line. You can go there using Keisei Line, JAPAN RAILWAY(JR) Joban Line or bus.
*You can also go by taxy, but if you for example, want to get to Tokyo Station, you’ll have to pay aprox. 20.000 yens. It’s better than you reserve this money to enjoy in Japan, don’t you think so?
*If you use Keisei Skyliner or JR Narita Express (NEX) you’ll spend around 50 minutes but transportation fee for single way will cost 3000 yen.


Keikyu Line
Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal (Keihin Electric Express)
↓4 stations (Keikyu Airport Line Airport Limited Express ・Narita Airport direction)
Price: 400 yen
Time: 22 minutes
※You should go first to the Domestic Terminal
※We recomment to take an express train.
From Shinagawa station you can change train to main stations like Shinjuku or Shibuya. You can also go to Akihabara!



Tokyo Monorail
Haneda Airport Building 1 (Tokyo Monorail · JAL)
↓Tokyo Monorail express
Price: 620 yen
Time: 35 minutes
From Hamamatsuchou station you can change train to main stations like Shinjuku or Shibuya. You can also go to Akihabara!


bus02 (1)

bus01 (1)

From Haneda Airport you can go to different places by bus. You can get discounts visiting the website shown below. Particularly, there are buses which get directly to Tokyo Big Sight where Comiket is being celebrated.

■TOPICS1:What is the best option?


You can move to the most important terminal station, Shinagawa by Kyokyu Line for only 400 yen.
But if you want to enjoy great views while you are in the train we recommend to move by Tokyo Monorail for only 620 yen.
They sell a special SUICA design in Tokyo Monorail! in japanese)

In Tokyo there are many lines! We recommend to don’t take popular lines in the morning because they will be crowded. Last trains on Fridays are also full of people.<