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About JR Yamanote Line

Yamanote line is the main line in Tokyo with a annular type. Everyone know it because Akihabara is a station that you can find in this line, but you can also get to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and other popular places in Tokyo.

Other JR Line

JR in Kanto area includes Keihin Tohoku Line, Sobu Line, Keiyo line or Musashino Line that gets you to Tokyo Disneyland, Saikyo Line that gets you to Comiket which is close to Kokusaitenjijou st. and so on.


The main transportation is JR. There are many lines like Yamanote line which is very convenient. Don’t forget to check train timetable.
*Here you are a map and information about Tokyo Metro


You can transfer to many lines in subway but for example, Tokyo Metro and Toei Line are different company trains. In this link you can check all train companies and their fees in Kanto Area. To avoid this problem there are train cards that you can charge with money and transfer lines without any problem.


In Kanto Area SUICA and PASMO are used as train card. You can buy this card and charge it with money so you don’t need to worry about what train company line you’re going to get in. SUICA is more used for JR areas (Japan Railway) and PASMO is more used for Tokyo Metro Area. English menu is available when you get tickets from machines.
SUICA/PASMO reference link: